There is:

1. the Music

2. the Music Business

3. the “Music Industry”

love the 1st, learn the 2nd & outsmart the 3rd



Don’t Forget About The Music is a call to action, a mission, and a resource – containing workbooks, workshops, panels, and online discussions – designed to help artists, producers, songwriters, and music business entrepreneurs build a strong foundation for their success in the music space.

I am a music lover first, and music lawyer second.  In 2006 – fresh out of law school – I started my music law practice with no money, little resources, and a lot to learn. But I had no interest in making a “Plan B”- my only plan was to be a contribution to music in a way that changes the music space, and ultimately changes the world.

Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of serving as a deal maker for clients with companies such as Def Jam, Sony, Atlantic Records, Warner Chappell, Universal Music Publishing Group, Adidas, Red Bull, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Toyota, Calvin Klein, and Converse.  And I have the honor of serving as legal and business affairs counsel for some of the music industry’s top and rising stars such as Big KRIT, Joey Bada$$, Saba, Rico Nasty, Baby Rose and some of the most celebrated producers and songwriters who have written and produced for Beyonce, Jay-Z, Rihanna, Ariana Grande, Chris Brown, Kehlani, Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, and many more.

Now, I want to help artists, producers, songwriters, and music business entrepreneurs across the globe win in the way they are designed to win. Through education, conversation, and empowerment, Don’t Forget About The Music will challenge each of us in the music community to stay rooted in the music as we learn, grow, and make our mark on the music space.

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      Evita G. Kaigler, Esq.


Don’t Forget About The Music: How To Build Your Foundation For Success in The Music Space

 This workbook is designed to help you build a foundation for your success in the music space by exploring 4 core areas: You, your Music, your Business, and your Brand. Our goal is to develop each area in a way that inspires, empowers, and further grows you, whether you’re an artist, songwriter, producer, music business entrepreneur, or someone who aspires to shape the music space in some other way.

This workbook contains:

– 6 Chapters

– 14 Written Exercises (click here to see!)

– 40 Questions 
(including 8 word problems)

– 20 Music Business Insider Q&A Discussions

– 21 Group/Classroom Discussion questions & exercises (click here to see!)



In the music space, Don’t Forget About The Music is a necessary reminder, and through this platform, it is our goal it will become a rule. As we strive to grow, create, innovate, game change, and perhaps change the world on our music paths – we can’t forget about the music.

Often, we’ll need to reconnect with our music purposes to put one foot in front of the other  – and offer our music peers the support to do the same. This music road ain’t easy … but it’s possible. If the music truly lives in you, no one can deny you your place in making music happen. Along the way, don’t forget about the music.


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